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Pretty Sure

Image of Pretty Sure


Have you ever found yourself laying in bed at 2am, eyes wide open, thinking about that one person? Thinking about how if you had just one perfect moment to express to them that the butterflies in your stomach was because of her... or him. Thinking about what would happen if you actually just said it out loud?

I have too...

This 2nd Edition of Pretty Sure is a hand-pulled screenprint soon to be featured in the upcoming TDC Annual Typography 30. 75 pieces have been printed, signed and numbered.

19" × 25"

100# Cover Pop-Tone Wild Cherry Red Stock by French Paper Co.

Pretty Sure will travel by USPS Priority Mail in plenty of warm packaging (a sturdy 5" tube to maximize ruggedness and minimize curling) to protect her while she’s on her journey to her new home. If you would like her to travel a different way, email me and I will be happy to to discuss alternative shipping options.